The Coffee lounge    

     Open for coffee, chat & snacks
             Mondays   11.00 -    3.00
                  Thursdays  10.00 -    3.00   
                        Fridays         9.00 -  11.30  Barry's bacon baps 
        Every Monday 1.00 - 3.00       Pick 'n' mix

       1st Monday in the month    Crafts
       2nd Monday                      Getting to know you
       3rd Monday                       Quizzes / Mind games
       4th Monday                       Planning ahead
  If there is a 5th Monday         Something special

    These are the first activities to be held in our coffee lounge and everyone is                                                    welcome to join us.
                  If there are other activities we could include please let us know.

  Coffee lounge will be closed 6th May

             and 24th & 27th May

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